New Self-Service Check-In at Torp Airport

SBD, Slef-service Bag Drop at Sandefjord Lufthavn Torp. Designed by NewTracks

NewTracks has designed a new Self-service Bag-Drop (SBD) for BB Computerteknikk AS. The first ones are already in operation at Torp airport

The assignment consisted in industrializing existing SBD and updating the design with new touch screens. The final product has lower production costs and a more modern and compact design. The vertical screens – only 16 mm thin – gives associations to iPads that most people are already comfortable with.

In product development, we also focused on efficient manufacturing, installation and maintenance. The BBC’s service engineers have played an important role in the design, helping to prepare the product for efficient installation and service.

The new design reuses details from the company’s other products to create clearer BBC identity in their product portofolio. Reuse of profiles and components also contributes to reduced costs.

Sandefjord Airport Torp was the first airport to install the new design, and in parallel with technical design, solutions were presented to airport management – before a physical product was ready. NewTracks created photo-realistic images (rendering) showing the new installation.

The pictures shows:
1) Departure hall, original image.  2) Data simulated image with new SBD mounted.  3) Photo after installation.

The airport management also wanted to see how the old tag printers (CUSS kiosks) could be replaced with BBC Tagomats. We also created data images for this decision-making process.

The pictures shows:
1) Departure Hall original image.  2) Data simulated image with new Tagomats.  3) Photo after installation.

Photorealistic computer images are an effective and useful tool for marketing and in decision-making.

NewTracks works with product development and industrialization. With offices in Shenzhen and Oslo, we are also a quality-assuring link to efficient sourcing, production and logistics.



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