Packaging for Airtight

NewTracks Emballasje for Airtight

Can you make ‘iPhone packaging’ for our product?” The phone was from Erik Lundby in Airtight. “Axxe advised me to contact you!”

The next day I visited Airtight at StartupLab in Oslo Science Park. I met enthusiastic and ambitious people with a very exciting technology.

A few days later, December 16, 2019, the design for their new packaging was ready.

Skisse til Airtight emballasje av NewTracks

The packaging is a part of the product

Packaging is not really our main thing, but we have good suppliers for it. We like to include packaging when doing product development, and we are happy to deliver good packaging with our products.

Packaging is an important part of the product! (see separate post)

Airtight reduces energy leaks in buildings

Airtight® has developed a technology – and a product – that continuously measures the energy leaks in several parts of a building. By dynamically adjusting the ventilation system, the energy leaks are significantly reduced. The product is installed quickly and is a small investment in relation to the savings.

Airtight has made agreements with some of the largest property managers in Norway and abroad, and has an enormous growth potential



Recommendation from Axxe

The electronics manufacturer Axxe is one of our good customers and does all production for Airtight.

When Airtight needed a developer for professional packaging, Axxe recommended to contact NewTracks. And then of course we are ready!

Rapid delivery – better than expected

Last week – 4 weeks after the approved design – the first 100 boxes arrived to Airtight.

– This was even better than we had hoped to hope! Satisfied customers makes the day 🙂
With some small adjustments before volume production the design will be 100%

New Landmark in StartupLab

For those with creative mindset who don’t not know StartupLab I really recommend to pay it a visit. This is an environment that breeds entrepreneurs, and posters around in the building tells you that  well-known companies like Remarkable, Huddley and Kahoot “were born here”. The office community has now got a new landmark – a tower with packaging “SEALED BY AIRTIGHT”

Airtight emballasje-tårn i Startup Lab - Levert av NewTracks

NewTracks works with product development and hardware production – mainly for the electronics industry. With offices in Shenzhen and Oslo, we are a quality-assuring link to efficient sourcing, production and logistics.


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