A product looking good is not enough. It must be designed for efficient production too!


Industrialisatoin of the Tagomat for BB Computerteknikk AS

Tagomat original design

The product, developed by BB Computerteknikk AS in Drammen, prints bag tags for airline travelers. This is done faster and easier than any other product currently on the market.

The challenges were:

  • The product was too expensive to produce
  • Customers wanted their special designs and this had previously been solved by varnishing the product in different colors
  • To replace paper rolls or service, the entire front cover had to be disassembled and it was difficult to mount again. The customer wanted a better solution.
  • The solution was only designed for wall mount. Customer wanted a stand-alone solution.

NewTracks delivery:

  • Redesign gave 30% cost reduction

  • Customized design was done with decal on the front. This is faster, more cost effective and providing much better logistics.

  • Complete production documentation in the formats the customer wanted

  • Tender for manufacturer and QA by selected producer

  • Photorealistic images for early-stage marketing

  • Prototype for use at trade show

  • Stand for floor mounting, and double mounting on wall

  • Packing design

  • 3D model of the whole product made adaptation to new components easy (of course the customer’s property after the project)

  • We also developed a mobile solution. With retractable wheels it could only be moved by authorised personal. With battery for 4 hours operation and 4G communication, this could be placed in strategic places  during peek periodes.

Tagomats installed at Copenhagen Airport
Computer rendering photo of how Tagomats installed at Torp airport could look
Real picture of Tagomats installed at Torp airport
Packaging designed for the Tagomat
Technical drawings for brochure


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